Welcome to Heathen Sisters' Hall!

Where all of our goodness can be shared (and enjoyed) in one place.

Who We Are

We are the Heathen Sisters, a group of women who discovered they shared not only a common spiritual journey but a love of the fiber arts, crafts, cooking, family issues and life in general. We've grown to care deeply for one another and share in life's joys and sorrows. I (Brenda) wanted a place where we could share all things Heathen (and not). This hall is where you will be able to see all that we have to offer, whether it is messages about personal growth, a really cute craft, a spiritual revelation or how to grow the perfect tomato. The beautiful thing about being heathen is we don't necessarily do the same rituals or focus on the same gods. We are beautifully diverse in our practices and how large a roll those practices play in our public lives.

Where to Start ...

Each sister has their own page (look up toward the top of the page). On those pages will be links to each sister's website, blog, Facebook group (or page), and any shops they may have. In addition, I have setup a "Goodies to Buy" page. Everyone one who has anything to sell (whether it's fiber, a book they wrote, paintings, crafted goodness, etc.) will have links to where you can buy all their wonderful products and/or services. I (Brenda) am just the gatekeeper. I want to help my wonderful sisters get their message (and products) out there, for all of you to enjoy.

Let the Sharing Begin!

Either Visit A Sister's Page Above or Check Out The Non-Sister Links Below.

Non-Sister Links

Disclaimer: I do not currently (as of June 15, 2015) have any affiliate links (accounts where I get paid if you buy something by clicking the link on my page). I do, however have other friends whose products or services are well worth your time and/or money to purchase. I only share those products or services which I have purchased (and liked). If I do obtain any affiliate accounts, they will be designated as such.

Consult For Preparedness

Personal Consulting for Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Preparedness and Survival. Private, personalized consultation services to assess your needs and customized plans tailored to each client and situation.

Carving On Wood

My name is Tim Vande Sluis and I will be your guide on this website as we talk about, discuss, and practice power carving. I offer free video tutorials and have more advanced lessons for sale on video but I invite you to join me as I launch my new online school!

DiggIt Prospecting Supply

The family has a long history both in mining and in selling prospecting supplies to miners. William McNall is now continuing the family heritage with a small mining supply company for both the small claim miner and the recreation prospector.