Hello and welcome to my wonderful website! Let me introduce myself. I am Brenda Nolen. I say wonderful website, not just because of how happy I am with it but because I am finally able to do what I have always wanted to do: share fantastic information and products with the world.

Through many years of trial and error, I have finally come up with a way to share my multiple personalities with the world, in a much more organized (and better looking) fashion. The beauty of this is, YOU, the reader, get to choose which of my personalities to get to know. This page will enlighten you and aid you in your choice.

I have always loved making things. Until three years ago, my focus had always been on the practical: If it did its job, it didn't matter how it looked. That changed the moment I decided to pick up my crochet hook and learn more than the one stitch my mom taught me when I was little. I spent that first year learning as many different aspects of crochet as I could. Then, it was time to pick up the two most dreaded sticks I've ever seen: knitting needles.

That next year was all about knitting. It was still very difficult for me to get rid of the 'it has to be practical' mentality but, at least with knitting, there are many more projects that are practical in nature. I am still learning (there is so much more to learn in the knitting world) but have put that skill to the side for now to teach myself to sew.

Before this year, I had started (and completed) one item from scratch, using a pattern. That was a skirt in high school that my friend's mom walked me through (and oh, boy, did she have all the fancy tools at the time, like a serger). Since then, it has been just me with my mom's ever-present 1960's Kenmore sewing machine. I still have a simple Kenmore sewing machine (it was actually manufactured after I was born) but have now upgraded my scissors and cardboard cutting mat to a rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat! I'm absolutely loving sewing! I graduated from aprons to quilt squares to quilt square bags and my brain won't stop figuring out what my next project will be!

I have also allowed my brain to pursue strictly creative crafts for the first time. I completed my first watercolor painting and have dabbled in power wood carving! I'm planning on merging these two skills together to make some items that will be available in my shop.

I am also working on a book (I know, like I don't have enough going on). This first one is a non-fiction book that is deeply personal, so that means I keep putting it off for more happy thoughts. So, now that you see who I am and how I work, don't you want to sign up for my newsletter? Be the first to know about new projects I have completed and when I'm closer to finishing this book, I may need some proof readers ... free book for a review. How does that sound?.

In the mean time, I have more friends for you to check out on the right and below are all three of my alter egos. I have included feeds for my blogs, so you can get a sneak peek at what subjects I discuss.


"An offer-stead to me he raised,
with stones constructed;
now is the stone
as glass become.
With the blood of oxen
he newly sprinkled it.
Ottar ever trusted the Asyniur."

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Experience The Mind of Brenda Nolen!

Below you will find three of my distinct personalities separated into individual blogs and You Tube channels.

My Blogs and You Tube Channels

My Sustainable Home Blog

Think homestead and that basically describes this blog. I have posted about everything from canning to spinning yarn (and just about everywhere in between). The recipes I have shared over the years are recipes from me (that I have created) or my family, plus many more I have either found or have been shared with me.

My You Tube channel is filled with how-to videos that I felt may help you or that I have found extremely useful when learning a new project or skill.

My Keto Atkins Journey Blog

This is where I have brutally chronicled being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and how I have triumphed over this through listening to my body and ultimately adopting a nutritional ketogenic way of eating (which is: High fat, Moderate Protein and Low Carbohydrates). It has been a miraculous journey and I have been medication-free since 2010 and have eliminated many of my food and environmental allergies.

My You Tube Channel contains any videos that have helped me to understand not only a Ketogenic diet but discover that it's really not that difficult cooking for this lifestyle.

My Personal Blog

This is my sanctuary. This is my personal space, where I have been in the process of discovering who I want to be when I grow up and how to be the happiest, healthiest adult as I can be. Well, I don't really want to grow up (I took one of those Facebook "How Old Are You?" quizzes and it guesses I was 19 and I know for a fact I have the sense of humor of a prepubescent boy) but it is truly amazing the damage all that baggage from growing up can cause. My You Tube channel has videos that have helped me through this process.