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Special Orders

Please read our complete Privacy Policy and Warranty information.

This is how we handle special orders. You see something on my website that you like but do not like the colors or pattern (especially for the quilted bags but this may apply to other products). You send me a message (look above) with some ideas (your favorite colors, your favorite team, your favorite super hero, a quilt block pattern you saw somewhere else, etc.). Please keep in mind that, due to copyright issues, I am unable to sell any items that are trademarked. This includes any logos, special characters (think Disney) and even may include the actual names (49ers, Batman, Tinkerbell, etc.). Between the two of us, we will come up with a design.

Let's use those examples above to explain what we could do. For the San Francisco 49ers, I could use the team colors with a football and the words "San Francisco (or a jersey number). For Batman, I could use his colors (you would have to decide which version of Batman you like, whether it is the current incarnation or the 1960's Adam West variety) with the words 'Gadget Man' (kidding) or 'POW! ZAP!' if you prefer going old school. For Tinkerbell, whichever colors you prefer with fairy fabric and some tulle thrown in to make it especially fairy-like (or maybe I could find some iridescent white or opaque fabric to represent her wings).

I send you a draft proposal for the project (samples of the fabric, yarn, colors, design, pricing, etc.). If the project you would like me to do is similar to any of the items I have listed on my Goodies For Sale page or my Goodies Sold page, the price will be the same as the listed price. If the change is much more drastic (larger quilted bag or more intricate designed yarn project), we will discuss the price difference. You give me the o.k. (or we alter it based on your desires) along with your mailing address (and any special shipping instructions) and I make it.

Once finished, I will send you an invoice (including shipping) via Paypal (if you prefer another payment option, we can discuss it). Once payment has been received, I will ship your item. Easy-peasy.

And Yes, More Friends To Share

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Do you know me? Are you sitting there, wondering why I don't have your link here? Well, tell me! If you DO know me, you know how I can get. I sometimes need the reminder.