These are items that have been sold. This will give you an idea of what my abilities are and possibly give you some inspiration for your next order. All items are unique to me and most are one of a kind. The patterns, on the other hand, can be made with whatever colors or materials you desire. I use mostly repurposed/recycled materials with a few new items thrown in when I need them. If there is something special you would like me to make, either in design or color, contact me (here is where you can find out our Special Order procedures). As long as it is within my ability, it can be done! Click on the photos to see a larger version of the picture.

Sewn Projects

Remember, there ARE more friend links at the bottom of this page (check them out)! For Special Orders, go to my contact and FAQs page.

Stockton Ports/Heat Quilted Tote

Special Order: This may not be for sale but you can order one the same size! My Newest Bag has been delivered, so I can share with you all. My friend wanted a bag to give for a gift. She (the recipient) loves local sports and purple. So, I made this. One side is for The Stockton Ports baseball team and the other is The Stockton Heat hockey team, with purple strips on the sides. The bag is 15 inches tall and about 2 inches bigger at the base than the others. I cannot place team logos on any item I sell (you know, copyright infringement and all that) but there would be nothing to stop you from purchasing your own iron on transfer to place in the center yourself. I found a website that has a plethora (the movie Three Amigos always pops in my head when I use that word) of patches. Price: $60

My Apron

This I did not sell. I made this to prove to myself that I could. I chose this one, in particular, so I could play dress-up. See, I'm not a girly-girl but when I saw this pattern, I knew I needed to go full-out for my big reveal (girl shoes, pin-curled hair, and even make-up). I had a blast making this. I altered the pattern a bit, though. The pattern called for the neck straps to be fastened to the back waistband. I couldn't have that (need and easy on/easy off apron). So, I just converted them to allow them to be tied behind the neck.

This is the pattern I used. As you can see, there are a variety of aprons to choose from. Price: Half-Aprons (top row) $25, Full-Aprons (bottom row) #30, Full-Apron with ruffles (center row) $40.

Yarn Projects

All yarns used in these projects are acrylic, unless otherwise noted. Many of these yarns are older (given to me or purchased at thrift stores), so those colors I have are the last of them. I do have some newer, name brand yarns that do not have dye lots, so (as long as those colors are still being sold) I can buy more. For Special Orders, go to my contact and FAQs page.

Variegated Blue Crochet Hat and Scarf

I loved making this set, especially the flowers! After sewing them on, I went through my grandmother's buttons and attached those to the centers. Price: $45

Crocheted Rasta Slouch Hat

I love the look of this hat. I crocheted it with two strands of yarn (carrying the black all the way through) so the stripes weren't screaming, "Hey, look at me!". I don't really like crocheted hats (to me they just don't hold the shape well enough). If you would like one similar to this, it will be knit with the colors you prefer. Price: $30

Hulda Wall Hanging

This is my Hulda wall hanging. This was not sold but made for me. I'm including this here so you can see a little inside my head. The background is a knitted cream wool yarn. The skirt is card-woven acrylic yarn, the bodice wool and acrylic yarn, woven on a small loom, and the arms are crocheted. Her face is a crocheted snowflake, her shoulders are feathers, and in each corner is a crocheted flax flower with yellow beaded stamens. In her hands, she is holding a pine cone, Christmas ornament, and some ribbon.

Knit Fisherman's Hat and Cowl

I know, if I had only added red the hat would look like a sock monkey. The hat was knitted in the round. I deviated from the pattern, which had you knit flat and sew it together but I did not want a seam. This was my first knitted hat! Prices: $15 for the hat, and $15 for the cowl.

Knitted Fisherman's Hat

This is the same pattern as that last one, just a different yarn. Price: $15

Variegated Lavender Crocheted Hat and Scarf

This picture isn't of the completed set but I made the scarf yarn in exactly the same color percentage as the hat, so there is a strip of solid lavender yarn on the scarf. Price: $40

Even More Friends to Share

I have friends whose products or services are well worth your time and/or money to purchase. I only share those products or services which I have purchased (and liked).

Spinner's End Studio

I love Joy. She is so caring and so wildly talented! You can find her not only at her website but she has an Etsy shop, goes to local farmer's markets and fiber shows but has hand drawn mandalas on deviantart! You really need to check out this multi-talented, multi-discipline artist!

Carving On Wood

Tim is a very generous, patient teacher. While I sit here, dumbfounded, stumbling around with my Dremel, Tim not only creates some beautiful pieces but has tons of free tutorials on You Tube, has created his own courses, and also takes time out to answer noob questions from me. If you have ever wanted to learn power wood carving, Tim is your man!

Strumpet Craft

Got wool? Want some? Angelia has what you need. Check out all the wonderful fibery goodness at her Etsy shop! I've never seen anyone so vibrantly creative with their dyes! OH! And while you are at it, look up the definition of strumpet. :)